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Let’s name your lens…

I discovered a sort of passion about photographic lens names and, when I look for some new interesting glass, I write down the most coooool names;-) . Some examples:

The Cosina Voitglander NOKTON serie : wow, it seems a superhero. The superhero of night. Nokton remember to me also some black heavy war tank:-). Also the old name Voitglander is cool, damn cool (outside Austria/Germany , because it’s simply a surname!) and, why not, Cosina too! (but in Italian Cosina it’s “a little thing”…)

The Russian HELIOS serie: Helios means “sun” in greek and greek it’s always cool (and I love/hate it because of my classical studies:-)). And the coolest thing of this greek name it’s that this serie is from Russia:-)

The Leica NOCTILUX serie : Leica is the lens master and also the marketing/communication is really creative:-) In addiction to the mythical Noctilux (in italian it’s a romantic “luce della notte”…Superb!) we have a lot of other choices, like the standard Elmar that become a boosted SUPER-ELMAR in its 18mm/f3,8 version…

The Carl Zeiss series: CZ uses always cool names!Pancolar, Flektogon, Sonnar, BIOTAR!They seem to me robot names!

Another example could be the entire Zuiko brand from Olympus (really japanese!)


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New (old) lenses

Chinon CS4

(image courtesy of

During 2008 I bought a wonderful, 28 years old, Revueflex SD1 (also called Chinon CS4), a very affordable manual camera with a wonderful M42 mount; this means that on Ebay there are a lot of possibilities to find some VERY good lenses at very good price. I immediately bought a 20 years old beautiful-perfect condition-great bokeh-cheap Revuenon f/2,8 135mm, ideal for portrait. I’m looking hard, also with the precious help of some webisites devoted to this camera mount, for the right lenses to buy and the results are incredible. Here my top3 (obiouvsly “cheap edition”!) updated:

3 – The always interesting and cheap Zenitar Fisheye f/2,8 16mm; it is produced with various mount and adapters (Canon, Nikon, Sigma…even M39!)but the original one is made for M42 cameras. This cheap fisheye takes excellent shots, it’s fully manual and it’s “not-so-circular” like some others “pushed” fisheye.

2 – The very useful Tomioka f/1,4 55mm. Some f/1,4 Super Takumars are better and cheaper but for example mine is damn yellow and a little radioactive (the rear element was treated with Thorium) so I must find a good alternative, always at f/1,4:-). The best idea is the “Tomi-lux”, the Tomioka f/1,2 but it’s not really cheap…

(image courtesy of

1 – The really interesting Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon f/4 20mm (ok, there’s also the f/2,8 but it’s always the same problem…:-)), I saw some wonderful shots taken with this lens and the DDR “Zebra” edition is SO cool…;-)

(image courtesy of

The “not-so-cheap” list includes a lot of other lenses…

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