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Oh God. I’ve waited for this software at least 20 years;-) It’s a very simple program that stream japanese tv channels via P2P…And there are FujiTV, Asahi, TBS…..The video quality is really poor (and the audio is worse)even with a fast connection but it’s a dream comes true, it’s a door that is finally open!On the internet there are Linux and Osx versions, too…Hope about an HD version in the future!:-))



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Best drama ever

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It’s too easy to say: “Lost”.”Prison Break”.”Star Trek”…I say: “Nodame Cantabile”. I recently bought the dvds, this serie is pure genious and a lot of people told me that the manga is really good, too…But the drama has Ueno Juri, a true gift of God!In N.C. she reaches the summa of all the stereotypes of kawaii, cuteness, sweetness of otakus imaginary girl:-)). Tamaki Hiroshi is another great actor, hope to see him in other tv programs!

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Unholy bath

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What a performance…

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During those days I’m watching some recorded J-Dramas of the past season; I like a lot two of them, the first is the really “dramatic” 薔薇のない花や (Bara no nai hanaya), starring Katori Shingo from Smap and the second is the wonderful “Last Friends”, a drama starring Eita and Ueno Juri .

Unfortunately a lot of japanese movies have common denominator: they are boring. Instead, a lot of FujiTV dramas have rich plot, very good actors and often very nice music (the theme of Last Friend is made by Utada Hikaru). A pleasure, and, sometimes, a must to see, especially for “japanized” fans like me;-)

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Inoue’s TV commercials

Inoue Takehiko made some wonderful tv commercials for Shiseido; I’ve never read the manga “Slam Dunk”, but the author seems to be really creative…

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