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6 things that I really like about Japan

What are the 6 things that I really like about Japan?After years, I can clearly see the defects so now I can better explain the merits:-D

Number one : The artificial lights

Every middle/big size Japanese city change completely its appereance when the sun goes down. The explosion of neon, signs, banners, colors in contrast with a large amount of dark corners is unbeatable.

Number two: The Architecture

I come from the country that shares with the World the 80% of the monuments from the past, where the historical centers of the cities are “untouchable” to preserve all the things from the passage of time, so it’s obiouvsly that I like the architectural layout of a country where it seems that anyone can build what they want: every height, every color, every different – cacophonous – passive fire protection ignored pattern is possible…;-)


(image courtesy of , Bob Tazar, Bruno.Nihon and


Number three: The Music

Although Japan is the cradle of pure pop music business, with an easily visible “music mafia” (where you can see everywhere on the media the same artists, produced by the same labels etc.etc.), japanese musicians are often really talented and they produce tons of good music (sometime related to Anime or videogames).


Number four: The variety of eating possibilities

In Japan, eating out could be very funny. Tokyo for example has more than 80.000 different restaurants, from the 8 mq. standing bar in Golden Gai to some dirty/very clean izakaya to a 1st world class shabu shabu. There’s every type of “Gelateria”, every type of ethnic food, every type of food chain, every type of “all you can eat”, every type of “theme” restaurants (watch the last video with Zimmern to better understand). All streets have food smell. Beautiful.


Number five: The Kanji love/hate feel and their role in graphic layouts

I hate Kanji. General MacArthur instead of freeing the Unit 731 , would abolish japanese kanji;-). They are an incomprehensible maze for western people who uses 20-25 letters in the alphabet but during years they slowly become more easy to learn. But with Kanji the “graphic feeling” of japanese can explode: magazines, books, signs are packed with tons of Kanji in each direction. Superb. Japanese editors completely satisfied my eyes!


Number six: the unbeatable public safety, zero delay trains, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

No more to tell about. You can count the money in your wallet on the street without fear, you can travel at night safely in the 99% of the cases and you don’t need to worry about train delay. There is no delay.


And what I dislike?I love Japan and japanese people very much but of course there are also a lot of bad things in Japan, but this is a post about what I like so it’s not the right place to speak;-)
Ok, I’ll tell you only one  thing at the moment, and it is not the usual you can listen:  I cannot tolerate a matter that can be summarized by japanese words イタい勘違い外国人. I have a lot of foreign friends in Japan and they are really fantastic but at the same time, there’s a incredible large amount of foreigners who stay in Japan for nothing, for trivial reasons, for study, for a job that they would never do in their country (or cannot do)  and they are the masters of “put on airs”, act snobbish and feeling important for some unknown reasons. I know a good number of  foreigners who live in different countries and I have never met one of them who can feel so comfortable, powerful and brag about himself/herself  like some gaikokujin can do in Japan. Please, relax!;-)








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