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My New Toy

A friend of mine bought for me a brand new Holga 120 CFN (the one with the magic colorful flash;-)) and I’m ready to use it as soon as possible (especially in BW); I consider the standard Holga the best toy camera ever made and you can find awesome pictures on Flickr.
Because this beautiful piece of junk comes from Camera Cabaret/SuperHeadz shop in Tokyo, I’ll show you their wonderful-colorful-crazy-very very japanese catalogue in .pdf

Here it is in good quality (near 1 mb):



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Update the Nvidia Drivers with Ubuntu 9.10 (manual mode)

After upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 my X server sometimes gave me a casually “Out of Range” message; I’ve installed the Nvdia drivers for my graphic card a few months ago (with Ubuntu 9.04) and the version 1.85 is probably not fully compatible with the new Karmic Koala. There are a lot of useful guides that let you know how to upgrade repositories and automate installation of drivers via apt-get…But I offer to you a fastest and very old-fashion style way:

1 – Remove the old drivers from System -> Administration -> Hardware Driver

2 – Download from Nvidia website the 1.90 software for Linux  (it’s a .run file, near 22-23 mb)

3 – Press CTRL+ALT+F1 for open a terminal session (don’t use your terminal link on desktop, it’s a different thing) and write your standard username/password

4 – Stop the X server with sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop (Ubuntu will tell you that there are other commands, like service and stop for doing this, but this one will probably work;-))

5 – Manually go to the directory where you’ve saved the .run file

6 – Do sudo sh Nvidia bla bla bla etc etc 🙂

7 – Follow the onscreen instructions and at the end let the new Nvdia install to edit and change your graphic configuration

8 – Reboot with sudo shutdown -r now

9 – Voilà, if you go to System -> Administration -> Nvidia Server Settings you’ll see that the new drivers are on and you’ll can eventually make changes about resolution etc.



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