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Ipod/iphone software selection…


After a month I’m ready to write about which applications I downloaded for my Ipod Touch:

Facebook client for Ipod is really fantastic. I often prefer to use it instead the web application. Everthing works flawlessly, from notifications to youtube video links. The best social network mobile software.

Price : Zero – Vote: 9

The free version of Twitterrific shows some ads but they don’t bother me; the layout is really clear, easy to use and, like FB, absolutely preferable to the web interface. The Pro version has some advanced stuffs and it costs 2.99€.

Price : Zero – Vote : 9

The Google Mobile software for Ipod/Iphone is simply a short link to the real Google pages, open by Safari. Because Safari and Google web pages works very well…Ok, that’s it: not really useful but convenient. Where’s the Wave appli???:-))

Price : Zero – Vote : 6

AppBox Pro is probably the most downloaded application for Ipod/Iphone. It’s a collection of tools, from a battery checker to a ruler. At this price it’s a must for everyone.

Price :  0.79€ – Vote : 8

Despite Ebay is a very rich website with a lot of stuffs to control the software for Ipod/Iphone is very well done and usable (maybe in combo with Paypal appli;-)) for check auctions when out of home.

Price : Zero – Vote : 7,5

For a fan of beer like me, to have a beers’ bible, Beer Brands, in my hand is really convenient (I know many of them, but…;-)). More than 7000 different brands with really few advertisings.

Price : Zero – Vote : 8

Kotoba! is a wonderful japanese vocabulary, with a very rich database (obiouvsly Jim Breen’s EDICT) and a perfect interface.Fantastic.

Price : Zero (!) – Vote : 8.5

Allsubway is a big (in terms of bytes!) appli with the most important subways of the world. You can see a map and zoom on it, like a paper version. Often up to date by the author. At this price is useful.

Price : 0.79€

Vote : 7

Linkedin website is very well realized but the Ipod/Iphone appli lacks some features and imho you cannot use it as a substitute of its “big” version. Hope it will be improved.

Price : Zero – Vote : 5

Talking Japanese is a very useful application with a good phrasebook written in romaji and japanese with audio features!Cool and yasuiii!

Price : 0.79€ – Vote : 7.5

Tokyo Underground is a good software about Tokyo Metro system, with a map, POI, search features and GMap compatibility.

Price : 0.79€ – Vote : 7

Probably I expected too much from Find!Tokyo. I dreamed about a Tokyo’s bible with everthing in one single appli, without internet connection!Instead is a not so big collection of maps, easily findable on internet, with few POI and a large zoomable map. The starting point is good but it needs great improvements (and a greater price will be good in this case); with this content it’s a 1€ software max..

Price : 3,99€ – Vote : 5

Enjoy also the other software I downloaded/bought (the n.1?Obiouvsly Skype, the father of all modern software…And I haven’t a microphone!:-)), someone is for italian people only.


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