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Camera Combos dreams…

Time to dream about some new cheap “combos” I could eventually buy in the future to enhanced my photo skills…Film developing in my city started to become really expensive and difficult in some situations (like 6×6 films…Not to mention cross processing or other cool stuffs) so the next step will probably related to digital gears (damn):

Scenario n. 1 – Updating of digital Nikon, with a used D200 and a used Nikon Ai-S 50mm F/1.2; this lens is one of my all time favourites and its “manual-only focus/absence of modern chips” is the winning reason against the newest 1.4D and 1.4G (especially the last one has a very fast AF, too easy IMHO;-)). A good total price could be near 600 Euros.

+ Always Nikon, always the same feeling and lens compatibility

+ Reasonable price

– This “old” manual lens with few technology on a digital camera could become tiring to use at night for casual shoots than a modern ultra fast AF 1.4

Scenario n.2 – Completely conversion to Canon. This would mean to sell every Nikon camera/stuffs/lenses to gain some money for buying used Canon. The original 5D is always in my mind with its FF at “nice” price but the reason for a conversion would be the unbeatable “USM” serie, especially the perfect 50mm F/1.2 . The total price is high, at least 1600 Euros.

+ The lens I need

+ The camera I need

– High price

– What can I do with only ONE lens???;-) At least I need also a wideangle one…

Scenario n.3 – Visit a new world. The new Micro 4/3 system produced little cameras with interchangeable lenses, but I don’t like those of Panasonic; instead one of the coolest combo of last years is the new Olympus Pen with Leica M adapter!Obviously I cannot buy Leica lenses, but there are other interesting choices (Cosina, for example) : one is the Nokton F/1.1, that on Ebay costs about 700-800 Euros.

+ Very cool combo for everday use

+ Some very good 3rd part lenses with M mount at reasonable price in some used markets

– Olympus Pen is a new camera and Nokton is a new lens so heavy price…

Scenario n.4 – Holgaroid 😉


September 22, 2009 - Posted by | Photo


  1. I prefer to upgrade from D70 to D200. You still have a DX format but personally I prefer it than Canon. Specially for the resistance and versatility of Nikon and its lenses.
    One more option is to sell all Nikon gears and all DX lenses and take the body of a D700, but I would not sell the F80 at least keep a 35mm traditional camera. Digital cannot be compared with traditional quality.

    Did you think about 6×7 format? Mamiya RZ67 is an option and actually you can find it for reasonable second hand prices.

    In Tokyo you can find good Leica for less than 1000 euros, with lens included:

    http://www. lemonsha. com

    Comment by Zuco | October 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks a lot Zuco for all your recommendations!I’m thinking about them:-)

      Comment by stefanomatic | October 11, 2009 | Reply

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