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Camera Combos dreams…

Time to dream about some new cheap “combos” I could eventually buy in the future to enhanced my photo skills…Film developing in my city started to become really expensive and difficult in some situations (like 6×6 films…Not to mention cross processing or other cool stuffs) so the next step will probably related to digital gears (damn):

Scenario n. 1 – Updating of digital Nikon, with a used D200 and a used Nikon Ai-S 50mm F/1.2; this lens is one of my all time favourites and its “manual-only focus/absence of modern chips” is the winning reason against the newest 1.4D and 1.4G (especially the last one has a very fast AF, too easy IMHO;-)). A good total price could be near 600 Euros.

+ Always Nikon, always the same feeling and lens compatibility

+ Reasonable price

– This “old” manual lens with few technology on a digital camera could become tiring to use at night for casual shoots than a modern ultra fast AF 1.4

Scenario n.2 – Completely conversion to Canon. This would mean to sell every Nikon camera/stuffs/lenses to gain some money for buying used Canon. The original 5D is always in my mind with its FF at “nice” price but the reason for a conversion would be the unbeatable “USM” serie, especially the perfect 50mm F/1.2 . The total price is high, at least 1600 Euros.

+ The lens I need

+ The camera I need

– High price

– What can I do with only ONE lens???;-) At least I need also a wideangle one…

Scenario n.3 – Visit a new world. The new Micro 4/3 system produced little cameras with interchangeable lenses, but I don’t like those of Panasonic; instead one of the coolest combo of last years is the new Olympus Pen with Leica M adapter!Obviously I cannot buy Leica lenses, but there are other interesting choices (Cosina, for example) : one is the Nokton F/1.1, that on Ebay costs about 700-800 Euros.

+ Very cool combo for everday use

+ Some very good 3rd part lenses with M mount at reasonable price in some used markets

– Olympus Pen is a new camera and Nokton is a new lens so heavy price…

Scenario n.4 – Holgaroid 😉


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I cannot wait!


100.000 invites will be send from September 30th…

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