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Time to spend (some) money…

I definitively need a cheap DSLR back for my 5-6 Nikon lenses. I’m thinking about this hardware from about two months and the word “cheap” means that I’ve really FEW choices…;-)

The first possibility is the D50. I saw it on E-Bay and its price is good (especially in UK); it uses SD memory and it support near all the lenses, even the old ones (so you know why I cannot buy a D40 or a D60); using film for years, I have not “DX-only” lenses). Price is 200-280 €; at Mapcamera in Tokyo they sell it used at near 34.000 yen or 210 €.

The second possibility is the D70/D70s. The price is near the same (a little more expensive in Japan than the D50, don’t know why) , it uses CF cards, it has near the same resolution of the D50.

The cons about Nikon cameras: I absolutely need to use my hi-quality M42 lenses on my dslr (first of all the Zenitar Fisheye, some Revuenons and some CZJ…Crop factor, I hate you!:-)) and all the adapters have a cheap glass lens inside for reaching the infinite focus, and this lens seems to have really poor quality…On Internet I read some interesting stories.

The last possibility is a Canon 350d. It’s cheap as a Nikon and its various adapters are more compatible with different lenses; in this situation I’ll need a Nikon-F adapter with chip and a M42-Canon adapter (the glass lens is not necessary because of Canon manufacture, increasing photo quality).

The cons about this possibility: adapters are always adapters and even with the one with chip you’ll lose the AF of the Nikon lenses and you can obtain only the Canon “beep” when the focus is ok…


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