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Ultra Fast Japanese Scim for Ubuntu 8.04

After a fresh install of Ubuntu I always forget how to configure SCIM for input japanese in every application: after reading a lot of wiki and how to, removing 4 times scim and all related components, I’ve reached my goal with this ultra-fast passage (I’m pretty sure that not all the modules are useful, but it works for me perfectly in every software, even openoffice and skype) for scim with anthy (hope you have your repositories full updated and configured):

1 – Open a terminal and input:

sudo apt-get install scim-anthy im-switch scim-bridge-agent scim-bridge-client-gtk scim-bridge-client-qt scim-bridge-client-qt4 language-support-ja

This input install every type of scim-bridge, the framework im-switch and even the full japanese language support.

2 – Input:


and remember the result: it’s sufficient to memorize the part after the “LANG” command, mine is “it_IT.UTF-8”

so input:

im-switch -z (your locale) -s scim (in my pc it’s im-switch -z it_IT.UTF-8 -s scim)

so scim knows about your keyboard default.

3 – Reset your X server with CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (pay attention, save your session and documents because it’s an instant reset!)

4 – Log in and right click on the scim keyboard icon in the taskbar, choose configuration and watch in global configuration (interface) if the keyboard layout selected is your DEFAULT keyboard layout (mine is italian) and in global configuration (IMEngine) if japanese is installed as input method.

5 – Close the window and try yourself in OpenOffice by activating scim with CTRL-SPACE. Hope it works!


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