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Summer is a good season for eating Apples…

I’m celebrating a nice event: after years of turning around, after 20 years spent on dos/win operating systems and 10 on Linux, I’ve decided to deeply use OSX Leopard too!What an event!

This OS is so simple to use (maybe too much…I missed the hard SCIM configuration for input japanese in some distros…;-)) and it’s generally fast. It’s fast to boot, fast to shutdown and fast to open dedicated intel applications.The graphic is good and clear, there are a lot of colours, wonderful icons and nice widgets (but a full customization of Compiz-Fusion is SO superior;-)). The terminal is often useless, but eventually give you the power to manage some hardcore situations.

As an addicted Linux user one of my fears was about the lack of osx freeware software for my work but after some hours I found (near) everything I need without using Vmware software or Bootcamp. Here some examples:

Fugu is a nice ftp-sftp-ssh frontend which also includes a console.A must; I also discovered macports, an intersting way to use open-source X11 or Aqua based software and in the list I saw…Putty!My old friend, please follow me even in the Mac universe:-)



Ooooooh…..Microsoft did it??A native osx remote desktop client for connecting to windows machines??



Simpyburns does the hard job of burning cd/dvd for free. Very light and useful. For audio cd you can obiouvsly use ITunes, that works good even if it’s a little “heavy” software.



Free office application. Neooffice is sincerely not fast as the last Open Office, but it’s full of osx native stuffs since its born and for example I’ve no problem input japanese and other languages in this software. 


More to comes….As graphic editor the right choice coud be Gimp for osx, that works good with after the X11 install as you can read in the help section of the community.


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